Year    :   May 05, 2015
By    :   PGP RTS
Heading    :   Savršen plan
Category    :   Music
Produced by    :   Dragan Brajovic - Braja
Design    :   Maja Koprivica

TRACK1: Savršen plan
TRACK 2: Laž
TRACK 3: Ironija
TRACK 4: Zato biram
TRACK 5: Neko jači
TRACK 6: Ako me voliš
TRACK 7: Đaba
TRACK 8: Žeton
TRACK 9: Kriziram
TRACK 10: Kiša

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Goga Stanić born in Serbia, Belgrade. A Serbian pop singer.

Finished 2 semesters of singing school "Aleksandra Radović" with top honours 2014-2015.
Finalist of Serbia Eurosong 2015
Realised first album called "Savršen plan" in 2016
Award for the best song "Laž" 2016
Award for the best video "Ironija" 2016

//     Graduted at the Univeristy of Braca Karic as an Economist!

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Goga Stanić was nominated as the most beautiful woman in Serbia and was working as a professional model for a while until she discovered her passion for singing and decided to take the next step into the music industry.


Even tho she had natural talent for singing she didn't want to start singing proffesionally until she had expert training in perfecting her voice and singing. She enrolled into the "Aleksandra Radovic Music Academy" and had her studies for 2 years until she was ready to produce her new and first album.


After finishing her first album with great success. The audience has accepted her new and fresh music with open arms. Goga has decided to go to the next level and make music more based on the global sounds. More modern and hip. She has started with making a remix of her current song "Laž" with chill sounds that can be found on her Youtube channel.