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Our mission is to supply high quality cloud solutions and systems support to individuals and businesses of all sizes.


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Giving customers control over who can access their sensitive data can go a long way toward helping the cloud industry reduce fears and earn trust.


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Bringing together the best of the IT Cloud Industry in many awards to Cloudisticus.

Solving sofisticated cloud hardware with passion!

We constantly engage with current technology trends and formulate products based on common industry requirements.


With Intuitive cloud management, secure servers and global private networks.

What makes Cloudisticus Different?

High performance virtualization

deliver high performance, address portability, and incorporate support of the virtual machine as the new building block of the data center. Consistent network- supported and virtualization-driven policy.

Customised cloud solutions

services and infrastructure geared towards paving the way for digital transformation within any organisation. Manage your solutions from a common interface across all your infrastructures.

Scalable, modular hardware

Cloud data centers utilize large numbers of low-cost com- modity servers as their hardware platform. At the same time, use cases for cloud services are expanding from conventional office applications.

Ultra-low total cost of ownership

Is the cost of delivering workloads outpacing your budget? If so, it might well be time to move to a cloud computing platform. Transform the way you build, run and scale applications for today's cloud era.

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Windows Azure

Windows Azure Storage (WAS) is a cloud storage system that provides customers the ability to store seemingly limitless amounts of data for any duration of time.

Google Cloud Platform

Google’s first Managed Services Partner for GCP with more than 100 certified Google experts.

Rackspace powered by Openstack

Co-founded with NASA; the most experience in the world by 100-times


VMware Premier Partner with 10+ years managing VMware workloads at scale.

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Experience the simplicity and power of cloud-managed infrastructure. Cloudisticus cloud controller, Ignite, is a free cloud-based controller that helps you build, manage and monitor your infrastructure from anywhere in the world.

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